LOCATION: Vilnius, Saltoniškių 14.

YEAR: 2018 m.

STATUS: Design development


AREA: 10 700 m²

AUTHORS: Gintaras Čaikauskas, Miroslaw Szejnicki, Virginija Venckūnienė, Faustas Lasys, Simonas Čaikauskas


Irregular, naturally formed form of the plot is expressive, so the corresponding shape of the building volume itself is interesting, memorable. The blunt corner of the plot at the turn of the street is broken down, turning it into an expressive entry point. Glazed first floor and console-like second floor gives the building lightness, as if it floats over the ground. The volume of the building is dynamic, and it gradually grows from the street to the hull at the bottom of the plot

The chosen height and spatial solution help to avoid the sharp relationship and visual competition with the adjacent vertical dominance of the high-rise administrative building, distinguishes these buildings by volume, height and surface texture, forming a good spatial composition. The main attention was paid to the visual connection of the building with Vilnius city center. This is underlined by the front of the building's façade, facing the historic Old Town. It provides the opportunity to install and demonstrate the most modern lighting technology. The idea is complemented by a terrace on the roof and the last floor above it.

The triangular shape of the building, the entrance point associates with the prism that unfolds the light spectrum, symbolically reflects the essential purpose of the building and the specificity of the company.