LOCATION: Trakai, Vytauto g. 69.

YEAR: 2018 m.

STATUS: Competition (2nd place)

CATEGORY: Mixed use

AREA: 3593 m²

AUTHORS: Gintaras Čaikauskas, Virginija Venckūnienė, Faustas Lasys, Liucija Čepaitė, Agnė Mockevičiūtė, Simonas Čaikauskas


The architectural concept of the project is to create a connection between the city and the lake. In order to maximize the opening of the visual channel, the cultural center and the library are reconstructed to accommodate part of the premises at the coastal level, while cozy low-rise houses with sloping roofs characteristic of Trakai are built next to the street. The complex of the Culture House was reconstructed and modernized according to the task and real possibilities, essentially contextualizing and harmonizing the composition of the complex spaces and volumes.