LOCATION: Vilnius, Kintų STR.

YEAR: 2019 m.

STATUS: Design development

CATEGORY: Residential

AUTHORS: Gintaras Čaikauskas, Paulius Petkus

AREA: 9760 m²


The plot on the Kintai (Sirvintos) Street is a four-storey apartment building with a perimeter structure, structurally divided into four sections with separate staircases. The height of this building including the roof superstructures is 15 m according to the detailed plan. Six detached cottages and a commercial building at the intersection with Daugėliškio Street are planned along the perspective Ratnyčia Street near the Skansen area. These cottages crush the volumetric composition in response to adjacent areas, i.e. y. alongside the dominant tendencies of small homestead development, as this part of the city territory should be protected as cultural heritage in perspective plans. These cottages are designed with Ratnyčios street tiles with gable roofs and molded courtyards between them. This reinforces the concept of a homestead type with a separate sitting.