LOCATION: Vilnius, Naugarduko str. 110

YEAR: 2019 

STATUS: Finished

CATEGORY: Mixed use

AUTHORS: Gintaras Čaikauskas, Miroslaw Szejnicki

GROSS AREA: 8000 m²

The expressive shape of the plot inspired an unconventional yet very clear and simple idea for a solution. The full array of features is combined in one oblong volume, with views of the country's highway and city streets in multiple angles, instantly seen through the window of a moving car. In front of the object there is a showroom - the head of the building. It is a glass that glows from the inside. The other part of the building, the "body", is formed by service, storage, and technical and economic premises. The remarkably long volume of the building "melts" in the perspective of Naugarduko Street towards the Vilkpėdė neighborhood.

The color used by the SEAT carmaker - dark gray anthracite - and the predominantly smooth surface structure were particularly suited to highlighting the architectural idea (this site had previously been sold coal).