LOCATION: Tampere, Finland

YEAR: 2021 m.

STATUS: Competition


AUTHORS: Gintaras Čaikauskas, Faustas Lasys, Simonas Čaikauskas

GROSS AREA: 4000 m²

The museum's proposal is based on an analysis of the existing context and discovered features.  

The idea of the newly designed museum consists of several conceptual layers, reflecting the prevailing urban context of the site. Physically, the street divides the museum plot into two parts. This boundary inspired the architectural idea – to complete a city block and extend a park area by converting a preexisting parking lot into outdoor exhibition area. Conceptually, the Finlaysoninkatu street divides plot into two parts - a green (surrounded by trees) and a built-up urban area. We propose to treat both parts differently. On the one side of the street - open green lawn of exhibitions and cozy museum volume, that suits the scale of the adjacent surroundings. A perimeter layout is formed in the urban area, thus completing the unfinished urban block.

The newly designed museum building is both functionally and compositionally divided into two parts. One of them interprets the silhouette of the adjacent buildings in a modern way and is intended for museum staff. The other part, dedicated to visitors, like a POINT completes the structure of the urban block and accentuates its corner. The urban-formed block further articulates the adjacent green space. The rest of the museum is designed underground, this decision allowed the green part of the plot to be left undeveloped. A park is being designed above the underground museum, which will become a space for outdoor exhibitions.